Laser Lipolysis


Regional lubrication may occur from the human body, which is resistant to various sporting activities and diets. This may be based on a variety of genetic characteristics, dietary habits or different causes. In order to eliminate such regional lubrications, laser lipolysis or laser liposuction technique, which is a highly developed technology in the world and in our country, has been successfully used and the results can be very satisfactory.

Another area in which laser lipolysis has been used and effective is the excessive sweating condition, which is called hyperhidrosis in the medical literature. Especially in people with excessive sweating discomfort in the armpit area, laser lipolysis can be achieved with highly effective results. In addition, laser lipolysis with the skin without leaving any cuts in the skin can be destroyed by the skin called lipoma.

How is Laser Liposuction Application Performed?

Laser lipolysis or laser liposuction application in the application of laser liposuction is applied to the application area in this area, the liquid form of the solidified oil is provided to pass. Following this process, in the area of application in the area of 3 - 4 mm holes in the area where they are drawn from the liquid oil is withdrawn. During the application of laser lipolysis, the fats in the target area are melted using the laser. With the application of laser liposuction, as a result of the traumatic ripple effect on the oils in the process of melting and destroying the regional oils, the targeted melting effect on the oils after the application is realized in a wider area and permanently.

Which regions of laser lipolysis (laser liposuction) is effective?

Laser liposuction application in the body and circumference of the waist, belly region, arms, hip circumference, legs and kinky area, such as a very different area showing the effect on the successful and the results of a pleasant application.

Any Pain in Laser Lipolysis - Is It Painful?

Laser liposuction technique is less painful and painful compared to other applications such as the removal of regional fats. The level of pain pain during application is minimal.

Which Anesthesia Technique is Used in Laser Lipolysis?

The application of laser lipolysis is generally performed under local anesthesia and in some cases general anesthesia can be applied to the patient depending on the width of the area to be treated and the condition of the patient.

After Laser Lipolysis

After the application of laser liposuction, the patient may feel mild stiffness and pain in the application area. There is no trace of the area after the application. Bleeding, swelling or bruising on the skin is minimal, and this condition disappears in a short time. After laser lipolysis, the patient is advised to wear a corset for an average of 15 days and the use of a corset is considered to be a very important issue for the success and health of the application. The effects seen on the skin after the application vary according to the size of the procedure and the width of the application area. Another important consideration is the use of painkillers given by specialist physicians for a certain period of time in terms of patient comfort after laser lipolysis. After the surgery, the nutrition program given by the doctor should be followed and avoided in very hot environments for a while. Again in the postoperative period, bathing and other daily and social routines vary according to the program to be determined by the doctor.

Laser Lipolysis Laser Liposuction

Laser lipolysis prices vary according to the width of the area to be applied and the condition of the area to be treated. For more information about laser lipolysis or the application of laser liposuction and to learn the laser liposuction fees, you should make an appointment with your specialist.

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